CHART Vendor Partners Talk About Lloyds of London
During the CHART Exchange conference we spoke to our vendor partners Richard Look of Vertibrands, Mark Stroop of NetRate Systems, Jason Murgio of Merger & Acquisition Services, and Aubrey Fountain of York Risk Services Group about the benefits of participating with CHART.

Become a CHART Vendor Partner and Reach Insuance Pros Focused on Lloyds of London

Vendors are a unique segment of the overall CHART membership.

The core transaction of CHART is new business between U.S. agencies and London Risk Takers. There are vendors in this marketplace that can benefit to an extraordinary level by helping us to solidify our membership and income base; a select number will maximize this return by becoming a Preferred Vendor Partner (PVP).

The commitment required to be a part of this classification is more significant. In return for this increased investment, CHART will provide PVP members with a voice within the organization’s leadership (Board, Committees, etc.), levels of exclusivity, and/or positioning within the group. We would prefer an elite partner model of “Best in Class” where the partners are incented to help us finance, increase membership, and build The CHART Exchange.

PVP’s are essential to our start-up. They ensure that our front-end expenses are offset – contractual obligations for staging events such as the one hosted this past October exceed $300,000. A similar amount is required to fund staff, marketing, and administrative expense.

Annual Dues. $5,000 per Vendor Partner
Sponsorships: CLICK HERE for choices.
Exhibit Fee: $3,000
Host A Workshop: $5,000
Participate in Vendor Panel:. $3,000
Advertise via CHART Website. TBD
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Top Ten Benefits to Become a Vendor Partner

Interested in learning more about becoming a Preferred Vendor Partner (PVP)? The first step is to review the ten item list below and determine if your firm is willing to operate under the parameters shown:

1 Seek a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 30 committed vendor partners (other groups have one hundred plus). CHART will have a limited vendor partner model.

2 Best in Class vendor and make every attempt to protect exclusivity within the group.

3 Vendor partners are to participate is all aspects of the meeting. Attendance and participation at all speaker events, panels and workshops.

4 Extra participation options include: vendor tables, panel participation (1/3 of a panel followed by Q&A) or purchase of an entire workshop to highlight what they bring to the London market.

5 Ideally, a London specific or centric strategy. Should have as a target to reach the Risk Takers as well as the producers. Risk Takers (Syndicates) can be a great referral source.

6 Since exclusivity protected, open to sharing CHART-Exchange to both their customer and prospect data bases via invitation to our event. Note: no proprietary data is requested.

7 Revenue model for the inaugural event is attendance fees, sponsorships to help finance event costs, and extra items noted in point three above.

8 Membership in the Vendor Partner council

9 Participation in The CHART Exchange - A Digital Magazine in 2016 (content and ads).

10 Revenue model post event (2016 and beyond) may be membership and small success based revenue share. Note: if Vendor Partner prefers a sponsorship model to a} revenue share it can be done via mutual agreement.

If these parameters are acceptable, please complete the Vendor questionnaire found on the website and submit it to CHART for consideration.

Your Input Is Essential to CHART Exchange

An eight minute investment of your time will drive the structure and priorities of The CHART-Exchange.

Potential Vendor Questionnaire