Become a CHART Sponsor and Reach Insurance Professionals Focused on Lloyds of London

The CHART Exchange’s annual event will include a series of skills-building and educational workshops. Members will be offered the chance to either moderate these meetings or participate in a panel of like industry experts. These breakout sessions afford interested parties the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise, introduce new products/services, or otherwise differentiate their company from others.

The cost of moderating a workshop is $5,000;
panel participants are charged $3,000.


Vendor tables will be placed in the main common area of the meeting venue. Various group events—cocktail parties, coffee breaks, etc.—will be held at the exhibition area to provide CHART’s vendor partners with the opportunity to interact with the meeting participants.
The cost of securing a vendor table is $3,000.


Risk takers and vendor partners will be given the opportunity to both enhance their corporate profile and demonstrate their support of CHART by sponsoring various event activities. Possibilities include the cocktail parties, meals (breakfast and lunch), AV/technology support, and more.

Pricing is dependent on the type of event activity being sponsored.

Potential Vendor Questionnaire