Risk Takers Discuss Lloyds of London and CHART Exchange
During the CHART Exchange conference we spoke to London Risk Takers Jonathan Mudd of Brit Insurance, Daniel Wright of DTW1991, and Duncan Dale of Dale Underwriting Partners about the benefits of participating with CHART.

Top Ten Benefits for Risk Takers To Join CHART and Build a Bridge Between the US and Lloyds

1 Increase premium production from the U.S. market – without disintermediating your existing Coverholders or market distribution channels. The CHART Exchange has been established to surface and identify potential new business opportunities. The results garnered through CHART are uniquely measurable. Active participation in our group will produce new business premium. Our primary mission is to be the catalyst for placing more U.S.-sourced risks in London.

2 Guaranteed new business meetings via the CHART Market Finder Facility. The Market Finder facility is a service offered to insurance agency members. It helps align product/program submissions with Syndicates possessing the most compatible risk appetites. Every representative of risk taker firms attending CHART’s annual meeting will be guaranteed a minimum of ten pre-set appointments with U.S. producers seeking a market for their new products and/or programs. Event sponsors can negotiate a greater appointment setting effort conducted on their behalf.

3 Moderate workshops or participate in risk taker panels. Member Syndicates will have the option to moderate a workshop at CHART-sponsored events. These sessions provide a single-purpose forum through which risk takers can discuss capabilities or introduce new products to the Exchange membership. Insurance agents from across the country can serve as a self-contained focus group to evaluate the coverage and offer input for improvement prior to launch. As an alternative, Syndicates can participate in panel discussions with other risk takers.

4 Utilize the preferred London Broker of your choice. A number of new, innovative product ideas are expected to be surfaced as a result of the CHART meeting. Once an agreement on a concept has been reached, risk takers and/or insurance agencies are encouraged to select the broker of their choice in order to transform it into a formal agreement.

5 Keep up to date with changes in the domestic U.S. insurance industry. Take full advantage of the informative workshops, panels, and breakout sessions moderated by other CHART members to learn about the latest changes in the marketplace.

6 Pursue Networking and Cross-Sell Opportunities. Open new distribution channels and gain product differentiation by attaching an existing coverage to the portfolio of another risk taker or insurance agency. Meet with our Preferred Vendor Partners who are uniquely connected in the binding authority space. Systems and processes fully compliant with Project Tomorrow and TOM specifications.

7 Increase market awareness through advertisement in CHART Magazine. The CHART Exchange is a digital publication dedicated to the U.S./London marketplace. It is distributed to over 100,000 retail agents and brokers across the country on a monthly basis. The e-magazine provides both advertising and editorial opportunities for risk takers.

8 Raise your profile within the CHART member community. Sponsor events during organizational meetings (cocktail parties, breakfasts, etc.).

9 Take advantage of CHART-sponsored events to meet with your Coverholders. Reduce travel and entertainment costs by meeting with several of your insurance agency partners all at once and at a single location.

10 Become part of a select group of risk takers participating at CHART! Our organization is not for all London Syndicates. CHART intends to focus its efforts to recruit 15-20 committed risk takers for the October 2017 event.


Your Input Is Essential to CHART Exchange

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