Insurance CEOs Discuss Lloyds of London and CHART Exchange
During the CHART Exchange conference we spoke to insurance industry CEOS Robert Hilb of the Hilb Group and Scott Addis of Beyond Insurance about the benefits of participating with CHART.

Top Ten Benefits for Potential Coverholders To Join and Do Business with Lloyds of London

1 Learn the nuances of the U.S./London market from industry experts. Interact with representatives from all sides of the insurance transaction: Syndicates who accept risk, Coverholders who distribute product/underwrite, and vendors who cater to this unique market. Several Brokers are also members of CHART; they will be happy to support you as you learn more about the London market.

2 Market Finder Facility. This unique service helps insurance agencies determine the best Coverholder or Risk Taker fit(s) for their new business submission. The Market Finder facility is free to all CHART members.

3 Expand your existing product portfolio.
Lloyds has the well deserved reputation as an innovative, forward- thinking risk taker. Coverholders provide access to a vast array of unique products as well. Partner with these members to expand your portfolio and optimize the revenue opportunities of your existing client base.

4 Participate in workshops unique to the marketplace. Each CHART-sponsored event will include a number of workshops and panels. These breakout sessions cover a wide variety of topics, such as regulatory, legal, and compliance issues. Panels serve as a platform through which both risk takers and vendors can present products and services in an interactive format.

5 Seek a mentor.
A number of Coverholders are members of CHART. They can provide invaluable information about securing underwriting authorities, complying with Lloyd’s regulations, etc.

6 New Business Product Incubator. Fast-track the launch of your new business idea by partnering with an existing Coverholder. Utilize their legal status, London connections, distribution channels, etc. to bring your product to market. Negotiate a revenue/cost sharing arrangement that benefits both parties.

7 Participate in the Shark Tank/Dragons Den competition.
Participants in the annual CHART Exchange event will have the opportunity to introduce a new product idea, innovative distribution concept, or similar vision in a forum patterned after the popular television show. The winner shall be determined jointly by a panel of experts and the other attendees. A grand prize of $10,000 (£6,400) will be awarded to help defray the cost of implementing the idea.

8 Establish a relationship with a London Broker. Brokers play a critical role in the U.S./London market. Several such firms are members of the CHART Exchange; they are all regarded as industry experts in the field. With that said, there is nothing obligating you to utilize our partners; risk takers and insurance agencies are invited to utilize the broker of their choice to implement the formal underwriting agreement.

9 Receive CHART Exchange - a Digital Magazine—at no cost. A new insurance periodical will be published by the Exchange starting in 2016— CHART Magazine. This quarterly publication will be distributed to over 40,000 retail agents and brokers across the country. It will also be provided to all CHART members at no cost. The magazine is dedicated to the unique issues faced within the U.S./London marketplace.

10 Have a voice in an organization dedicated to growing the U.S./London marketplace.
Become a member of the Advisory Board. Volunteer to serve on one of the Exchange’s sub-committees. Help us set the strategic direction for CHART in 2016 and beyond.

Your Input Is Essential to CHART Exchange

An eight minute investment of your time will drive the structure and priorities of The CHART-Exchange.

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