NSM Insurance Group

The first organization to sponsor the CHARTExchange and one of the original signers of the “Declaration of Interdependence.”

NSM Insurance Group has never been a company that is satisfied with following the status quo of this established industry. CEO Geof McKernan has always embraced change, growth and innovation which is evident in his mantra that he repeats to his team: “grow, change or die”.

Back in 1990, Geof McKernan founded NSM as a commercial property and casualty insurance brokerage firm. After finding that some clients required specialized insurance products to meet the unique needs of their industries, McKernan began exploring the program administration space. He started by identifying niche areas of business that were underserved in the insurance marketplace.

“We started by examining the marketplace for industries that were overlooked by traditional firms where we could add value.” McKernan explains. “We then evaluated each industry to understand the insurance needs including resources available, risk tolerance, safety standards and operational practices and then developed tailored insurance solutions to meet these needs.”

By following this development model called DIME, NSM has created some of the industry’s most successful programs over the years. Today, NSM Insurance Group is a leading MGA that offers specialized insurance for 19 industries and is continuing to grow both organically and through acquisitions. Last year, NSM was in the news again when they announced their highvisibility partnership with AIG that McKernan said would “power [NSM’s] acquisitions and internal growth plans.”

The company’s insurance programs include social services and behavioral health; CAT driven property; collector cars; workers’ compensation; aviation; sports and fitness; breweries and wineries; and professional liability for lawyers, dentists, architects and engineers.

With a track record for leading innovation and embracing change in the insurance industry, it is no surprise that NSM Insurance Group was the first organization to sponsor the CHART-Exchange and one of the original signers of the “Declaration of Interdependence”.

Please change quote to read “NSM likes to do business with London because how relationship based the industry is. We also appreciate that the London market continues to be truly innovative in their product design and in their overall view on insuring a very wide array of exposures,” Bill McKernan, President of NSM Insurance Group explains. “When we had the opportunity to get involved with the CHART Exchange, it just made sense to do it.”

Bill McKernan attended the Early Adopters meeting in January 2015 and in October, he attended the first CHART Exchange where he was a presenter and shared the NSM story.

“We look forward to assisting CHART with their growth plans by cultivating relationships with more stakeholders who are invested in, and see the value in, building the U.S./London insurance marketplace,” says Bill McKernan.

This year, Geof McKernan says you can expect to see new things out of the NSM shop. “Last year was an exciting year for NSM Insurance Group,” he says, “and the industry can expect to continue to see this entrepreneurial organization seek new opportunities, partnerships and programs to drive growth in 2016. Everything in the insurance industry is evolving; the marketplace, the program administration space, and the industries we serve. We want to be at the forefront of this evolution, growing and changing to ensure that we offer the best programs to meet the needs of the industries we serve.”

According to the mantra “Grow, change, or die”, it’s probably safe to say that NSM Insurance Group is going to continue to thrive.

NSM Insurance Group is aggressively seeking to acquire additional niche specific insurance businesses and program managers. For more information, contact Bill McKernan, President, at 800-970-9877 ext. 111.

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