CHART: It’s All About Our Partners


The CHART Exchange has partnered with a select group of London Brokers: C.J. Coleman, Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group (JLT Re), and Prospect Insurance Brokers. These three entities are responsible for supporting domestic insurance agencies in their efforts to bring new business opportunities to Lloyd’s.

During our CHART Goes to London (CGL) event last spring, Neill Cotton (JLT) and Simon Hall (CJC) made a presentation to the audience regarding the role of the broker within the U.S./London Marketplace. These gentlemen characterized their function as that of Relationship Manager and Intermediary. The firms act as the gatekeeper to the capacity and products available through the various Lloyd’s Syndicates.

Jamie Webb (Prospect) provided further amplification as to the diverse set of tasks our Broker partners can offer in a communication to one of our CHART members. We believe his letter appropriately addresses the services available through all three firms.

I am writing to introduce the services of Prospect Insurance Brokers, a dynamic and entrepreneurial Lloyd’s of London broker working with potential Coverholders and existing Coverholders to develop and place business with Lloyd’s syndicates. Prospect is one of the appointed Lloyd’s brokers of the CHART Exchange, which will be holding its Second Annual Meeting October 3-5, 2016 at the Marriott Waterfront Hotel in Baltimore MD.

As you know a Lloyd’s Coverholder is usually an insurance broker or underwriting agent that has been delegated underwriting authority and acts in all regards as the insurer: underwriting risks within their authority; collecting premiums and issuing policies. We are very confident that by improving your access to the Lloyd’s market will substantially benefit your company. We will do the following:

• Introduce you to new capacity providers (syndicates) who will have broader risk appetite or more competitive rates and wordings.

• Help you expand your product offering as Prospect and Lloyd’s are always on the cutting edge of new product development – whether it be cyber liability, UAV (Drone) Insurance or Zika virus additions to health policies. We also combine technology (Insuretech) to create new insurance products that are directly fitted to your clients needs / output. Prospect have a wealth of experience in Property, Liability, Professional, Accident and Health, Transportation, GL, Environmental, Cargo and Contingency to name but a few and would love to work with you.

• Assist you to recruit new talented underwriters to join your company to help you grow.

• Improve your distribution to grow your potential market.

• Introduce you to the best service providers to help you manage your business – be it legal, TPAs, coverage counsel, marketing and PR or IT vendors.

We already have more than 15 Lloyd’s Syndicates and around 75 of the leading Risk Taking underwriters subscribed to attend the CHART Exchange Event in October, with more due to commit in the coming weeks.

The highest probability for success for your business at the CHART Exchange Event will be to plan ahead - we would be pleased to discuss opportunities with you. To do this we suggest setting up a call with you. Please suggest a couple of times and dates for us to call you. We are flexible.

We look forward to identifying opportunities to work together and matching that to Risk Takers appetite to get you the most from the CHART Exchange event in October.

Agencies participating in the upcoming CHART Exchange Event being held this October 3-5 at the Marriott Baltimore Waterfront Hotel can take advantage of our proprietary Market Finder Facility. This service – offered in collaboration with the Brokers – helps align new product/ program submissions with those Syndicates possessing the most compatible risk appetites. Our partners will set appointments, assist in proposal presentations, and otherwise guide the agencies through the entire process.

CJ Coleman, JLT Re, and Prospect all stand ready to support insurance agencies as they look to establish or deepen their business relationships within the London marketplace. With that said, their presence does not preclude Syndicates or current/ prospective Coverholders from selecting the Broker of their choice to serve as the intermediary for any new business transaction surfaced through CHART.

We would welcome the opportunity to host you in Baltimore this October. What better way to learn about all of the benefits available through CHART then by experiencing them first-hand! Click here to be re-directed to the event registration page of our website. From this site, you can sign-up for the meeting and reserve a room at the Marriott Waterfront Hotel. Using the link provided ensures you will receive the discounted room rate negotiated by our team. We encourage you to make your reservation early, as space is filling up fast.

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