Chart Markets: Immediate Access to Multiple London Programs


A significant new goal for the CHART Exchange in 2017 is the capability of promoting our member agencies and their London programs. Through the benefits of group association we are able to more efficiently recruit retail producers to access our member’s programs.

Perhaps there is a parallel to the local shopping mall or town center. Customers are encouraged to visit a commercial center. Individual business owners will rent space at the site and benefit from the group dynamic of multiple enterprises sharing the same advertising, parking, customer traffic, expense reductions, etc.

The plan is to build a shared marketplace via the domain Our e-magazine is distributed to over 100,000 independent agencies monthly. We will utilize a number of marketing techniques to drive traffic both to the marketplace (the shopping mall) and to the individual London programs (store fronts owned by CHART members).

If we do a good job of communicating our uniqueness, CHART Markets will become an easy-to-use tool for anyone wishing to get immediate access to multiple London programs sourced and managed by CHART member agencies.

In addition to the e-magazine, our team has the expertise needed to generate inquiries from press ads (Rough Notes, ALM, Insurance Journal, A.M. Best, etc) that are designed and purchased at group rates. If a member agency has a new program or product enhancement, targeted e-ads can be purchased to promote specific storefronts.

-Glenn W. Clark , CPCU
CHART’S Earliest Adopter

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