CHART Exchange Heads to Lloyds of London!


The CHART Exchange will be traveling to the U.K. on May 9-11, 2016. This is going to be a ground-breaking event as no other domestic insurance group has ever brought such a large contingent to Lloyds for the express purpose of exploring new business opportunities within the U.S./London marketplace.

Special thanks to both our Broker partners and Wilson Elser for handling the logistics associated with the event. These firms have invested a great deal of time and effort to reserve the meeting venues, arranging presentations, and scheduling time with Lloyds’ corporate personnel.

Participants will gain insight into the London market through moderated discussions, testimonials, personal interaction between Risk Takers and domestic insurance agencies. The trip also presents a firsthand educational opportunity for U.S. producers to better understand the position of London Risk Takers.

Traveling to the U.K. embodies the core principles of CHART. By fostering direct relationships, U.S. Coverholders will experience new business opportunities and expand their access to the London market. The trip will also benefit London Risk Takers as they hunt for new distribution partners. In addition, the CHART Exchange will further establish its presence in London and attract new London syndicates, which in turn will bring more value to CHART members.


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