Message from the Earliest Adopter Telling the Story of Chart-Exchange


Have you ever had the opportunity to be a part of something brand new? Maybe serving in a leadership position, setting new direction, or helping to build an organization while meeting new people? Imagine if all of the aforementioned could even enhance your career potential and grow your business!

“Take some time to read through the “CHART Exchange.” We’d love to get your feedback and have you join us as an Early Adopter.”

It is a pleasure for me to introduce the inaugural edition of The CHARTExchange’s e-magazine: “CHART Exchange”. Throughout 2015 a small team of Early Adopters have been testing out the core themes of Ex- Change: “to give up something of value in order to gain something of greater value.” Our concepts are designed to grow new business between the U.S. and London via four separate but equal audiences:

• Risk Takers – London Syndicates

• Coverholders – U.S.-based agencies with the pen for London

• Potential Coverholders – U.S. specialists that want to explore London markets

• Vendor Partners with specific London-centric strategies

Our first issue is entirely focused on telling the story behind the CHART– Exchange’s beginnings ( while setting the stage for 2016. Future iterations will contain regular columns on Legal, M&A, Claims, Systems, Marketing and feature innovative Coverholders (and why they do business with London). We even hope to help Risk Takers get their unique messages to the U.S. producers regarding the new products and specific expertise of their syndicates. Our “E-zine” will take advantage of modern technology and survey the “wires” for relevant stories, personnel movements and news items that affect our business.

Take some time to read through the “CHARTexchanger.” We’d love to get your feedback and have you join us as an Early Adopter.

Glenn W. Clark , CPCU

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