The Early Adopters Bill of Rights



The CHART Exchange begun and held at the City of Philadelphia, between Monday the twelfth and Wednesday the fourteenth of October, two thousand and fifteen.

RESOLVED by the Coverholders, Prospective Coverholders, Risk Takers, and Vendors assembled, that the following Articles be proposed as amendments to the Declaration of Interdependence. ARTICLES in addition to, and Amendment of the Declaration of Interdependence, proposed by the Early Adopters and ratified by the Coverholders, Prospective Coverholders, Risk Takers, and Vendors attending the CHART Exchange event.

(Freedom of commerce and peaceable assembly). The CHART Exchange will foster growth in the U.S./London market by providing a forum through which Risk Takers and Coverholders can interact with domestic insurance agencies in the pursuit of new business opportunities. The event shall also provide a series of workshops moderated by CHART’s Risk Taker and Vendor partners. All attendees are expected to peaceably assemble at these sessions to expand their skillset and show support for the presenters. Participants shall be respectful of the efforts put forth by the moderators by not setting appointments during the times allotted for workshops. Ample time has been provided before and after scheduled events for holding individual meetings. CHART attendees are expected to follow the precepts of the “Golden Rule”: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Individuals must be supportive and respectful of other participant’s efforts before presuming the same treatment from them.

SECOND AMENDMENT (Right of attendees to bear business cards). Participants will be protected against spam and other forms of solicitation through the judicious and limited distribution of attendee lists. Business can best be conducted across long distances by first establishing the partnership through personal interaction. Participants shall network with others in attendance as a means of identifying new opportunities.

THIRD AMENDMENT (Protection from enduring non-business activities). The CHART Exchange shall not schedule golf outings, formal dinners, or other social events, as these serve to distract attendees from the core purpose of getting business done. All participants are given the freedom to make their own plans after meeting hours.

FOURTH AMENDMENT (Protection from unreasonable constraints on attendee time). The CHART Exchange shall be respectful of all attendees by making optimal use of the time they have allotted to participate in the event. Meetings shall start promptly at 8:00 AM. The agenda shall provide content designed to facilitate growth within the U.S./London market.

FIFTH AMENDMENT (Due process and freedom from self-aggrandizing participants). The CHART Exchange shall recognize that all attendees are experts within their particular field of endeavor: risk evaluators/underwriters, product distributors, service providers, etc. As such, the meeting will be deemed as an assembly of peers. All participants are expected to check their egos at the door as part of the event registration process. Business casual shall be the dress of the day.

SIXTH AMENDMENT (Judgment of new ideas by a trial of peers). All attendees shall have the right to submit their new business/marketing ideas for consideration within the Shark Tank/Dragon’s Den competition. Submissions shall be evaluated based on the innovative nature of the idea, viability of the product, and premium potential. Style points will also be awarded for the originality of the presentation itself. The winner shall be determined jointly by a panel of experts and the other attendees. The grand prize: $10,000 (£6,400). The Shark Tank/Dragon’s Den competition is sponsored by Iris Insurance Brokers.

SEVENTH AMENDMENT (Civil treatment for all attendees). All participants shall have the right to expect civil treatment from all other event attendees. Moderators shall be shown respect by not having to compete with individually scheduled appointments during the times allotted for workshops. All attendees shall be granted the freedom of not having to be recipients of spam or other solicitations due to limited distribution of participant lists. Each Early Adopter is considered a full partner.

EIGHTH AMENDMENT (Freedom from cruel and unusual keynote speakers). The CHART Exchange shall not retain the services of celebrity speakers to deliver speeches unrelated to the growth of the U.S./London market. Tuesday’s keynote address shall be presented by Jeff Tobe, a nationally sought after for his expertise in improving corporate profits by changing the customer experience and retaining great talent. Wednesday’s opening remarks shall be provided by Mark Cloutier, CEO of BRIT Insurance Holdings. Mr. Cloutier has extensive experience within the various aspects of the insurance transaction: as a risk-taker, product distributor, and as a vendor supporting the industry.

NINTH AMENDMENT (Enumeration of rights shall not be construed as anything critical of the great forces that build our profession). CHART recognizes the valuable role other association groups (AAMGA, NAPSLO, PLUS, TMPAA, IIABA, Trusted Choice, etc.) play within the U.S./London market. CHART shall honor the contributions these fine organizations already make and facilitate dialogue amongst risk takers, established Coverholders, U.S.- based insurance agencies, and vendor partners as a means of surfacing new business opportunities. Further, the CHART Exchange shall elevate the role London Brokers play in the insurance transaction. Once an agreement on a new concept discussed at the meeting has been reached, risk takers and/or insurance agencies shall be encouraged to select the broker of their choice in order to transform it into a formal agreement.

TENTH AMENDMENT (Powers of Risk Takers, Coverholders, Potential Coverholders, and Vendor Partners). Except for the Amendments articulated in the CHART Exchange Bill of Rights, attendees are free to pursue new business opportunities amongst themselves. Carpe Diem – Seize the Day!


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