The CHART Exchange - A Digital Magazine About Opportunities to do Business with Lloyds of London

We will distribute a monthly digital magazine called The CHART Exchange - A Digital Magazine. This publication will be dedicated to the U.S./London marketplace. It will be distributed to over 40,000 retail agents and brokers across
the country.

All Exchange members will have the opportunity to purchase ad space in the magazine. Pricing shown below is for a single placement. Additional discounts apply for multiple ad series:

If you are an advertiser who…
Has a message from your syndicate that you want communicated to the U.S. market…
Is a coverholder with a product that you seek new distribution for via the retail agency sector…
Is a retail agent looking to access the London market for a complex risk…
Is a vendor with a specific U.S./London strategy?

If you are interested in comprehensive marketing strategies that go beyond traditional ads, consider placing an Advertorial in the CHART Exchange digital magazine.  

Advertorials allow you to educate others about your business via a magazine column. This marketing strategy allows you to tell your ‘story’ and highlight your areas of expertise to 30,000 insurance professionals.   

You should advertise in CHART-Exchange magazine. To learn more contact:
Kate Boyle, - 855-716-3660