Coverholder And Risk Takers (CHART) Exchange Core Principles

These Ten Core Principles guide the formation of Coverholders and Risk Takers Exchange (CHART).

Our goal is to help you develop stronger relationships and foster new ideas. Click the numbers (1-10) to learn more!


1. Foster direct relationships between Coverholders (U.S) and Risk Takers (London).

2. Expand access to the London market for U.S. producers who may not currently be maximizing its potential.

3. Assist Risk Takers in finding new distribution partners in the U.S.

4. Provide networking events and opportunities for new connections.

5. Create a publication that will enable London markets to communicate with U.S. retailers and wholesalers.

6. Skills building via workshops, publications, and training.

7. Promote professional ethics for partners doing business at great distances.

8. Incubation and testing lab to launch new ideas and new products.

9. Identify, explore, and analyze new technologies to build U.S./London business.

10. Create an efficient vehicle to access reinsurance and alternative risk transfer expertise.