Event Schedule for insurance professionals who want to do business with Lloyds of London

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October 8-10, 2017 Four Seasons Hotel, Baltimore Maryland
Registration Opens April 28!

Upcoming Events

Events sponsored by the CHART Exchange afford the opportunity for risk takers from London to interact on a personal level with domestic insurance agencies

Meeting features will include:

1 General Sessions.
These meetings are open to all attendees and are the first scheduled event of each morning. The forum is used to update members on Exchange-related business, make new announcements, and provide an overview of the day’s agenda.

2 Keynote Speakers. There will be two speakers for each event: the first will be more motivational and set the tone for the overall meeting. CHART will not utilize “celebrity” personalities to address the audience; our preference will be to retain those whose presentation is relevant to the attendees. The second will be a recognized industry leader with expertise in the U.S./London marketplace.

3 Workshops
. A series of skills-building and educational sessions will be scheduled during each day. These breakout meetings will be moderated by either member organizations or outside industry experts. The focus will be on such topics as new products, emerging technologies, and regulatory issues.

4 Syndicate/Vendor Partner Panels. Select risk taker and vendor partners will participate in panels designed to inform participants about the products and services they offer. Each panel member will be given the opportunity to provide an overview of their company. The forum employed is structured to maximize interaction amongst the presenters and the audience.

5 Risk Taker Lounge.
A unique venue will be provided to allow risk takers to meet with existing/potential Coverholders. Separate tables will be set up for each participating Syndicate.

6 Market Finder Facility.
This service will be provided during the months preceding the Event. It is designed to align the new product/ program ideas from insurance agencies with risk takers possessing matching appetites and underwriting philosophies. During the October 2015 event, hundreds of appointments were set up in advance by team members. This feature is a key differentiator of the CHART Exchange. We combine elements of advance preparation as well as building opportunities for making new contacts that would probably not have been made anywhere else.

7 Vendor Partners Exhibition Hall.
Tables will be placed in the main common area of the meeting venue. Various group events - cocktail parties, coffee breaks, etc. - will be held at the exhibition area to provide CHART’s vendor partners with the opportunity to interact with the meeting participants.

8 Activity Sponsorship Opportunities. Risk takers and vendor partners will be given the opportunity to both enhance their corporate profile and demonstrate their support of CHART by sponsoring various event activities. Possibilities include the cocktail parties, meals (breakfast and lunch), AV/technology support, and more.

9 Shark Tank/Dragon’s Den. Styled after the television show (popular in both the U.S. and U.K.), this event allows participants to present their ideas for new products, services, or processes. The winner will receive a $10,000 (£6,400) prize to help turn the concept into a reality.

10 Peer-to-Peer Interaction.
Networking opportunities have always been identified as a key feature of CHART. The energy generated from gathering an elite group of risk takers, product distributors (agents) and vendors together helps make everyone better.