CHART’S Third Annual Event: Baltimore, Md October 8-11 2017

The 2017 Event will be held October 8-11 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore MD. This elegant venue serves to reinforce the notion that we are an exclusive organization.

Our meeting agenda will provide a number of workshops and forums that address issues of interest for the attendees. These breakout sessions will be moderated by recognized leaders in the topic to be discussed.

The 2017 meeting will also feature the Risk Taker lounge – an event feature that provides a forum through which insurance agents can submit new program ideas to London Syndicates. The schedule for this facility will be controlled to minimize conflict with the workshops and other networking activities.

The hotel’s Cobalt Ballroom will house the Vendor Exhibit Hall. Spectacular views of Baltimore’s Inner-Harbor are available from almost every vantage point. The Ballroom will also serve as the venue for the Event’s nightly cocktail receptions and networking functions.

The first three CHART Exchange events have been held in October. This will change beginning in 2018, when the annual meeting moves to April. This rescheduling – prompted by feedback from the group membership – reduces the possibility of conflicting with religious holidays or other industry events.

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